Dating a person with severe depression

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Dating a person with severe depression

I’m still getting benefit from those socks you gave us!!

Whenever I want some extra loving care I wear them to bed and feel loved and cared for. – Lilly, California “I have been suffering since the age of 12 when I came home after an explosion and saw my father burning to death.

We finally decided that we had nothing to lose by attending the program.

One drug was not enough, two drugs were not enough, three drugs were not enough.Well for me, the most important aspect of the program was an understanding of depression, and how it can be overcome.The program provided my son and me with a clear pathway that we could follow to overcome this illness.If you had just given me socks I would have liked them but giving them along with inspiring thoughts, and the foot spa treatment gave them extra meaning. Prior to coming to the program I had been underemployed, then totally unemployed and found it impossible to reach the potential I was capable of.I felt compelled to be up late at night constantly checking my E-mails, facebook and twitter, and the status of my job applications. It seemed like I was learning something positively life-changing every 5 minutes!

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