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The UK petfood market, which is much more sophisticated than other European petfood markets, is a major user of EO ends - they are included on almost all petfood cans in the UK.IT MAY be true that ring-pulls on cans and tins make them easier to open for the able-bodied.Apart from the fact that my wife has to use a knife as lever, the lid leaves a flange which prevents the solid contents from sliding neatly out.So the contents have to be scooped out, which is untidy - and inaccurate where only the part-tin is needed.Tin lids fail this test and only a few aluminium alloys meet the required standard.

Took them home, bolted the end caps back on, and voila the bike ROARS! I suspect it's too late for photo's as the muffler is now back together but I did a similar thing with Ducati 888 mufflers a few years ago. Its fun to scare the kids in the neighborhood whilst blatting down the street. I am definitely doing this mod when my bike arrives Nice job. Does anyone know if it has a negative effect on the injection system with back pressure etc? Using a Dremel or drill with a small 5/8-3/4" cutting wheel, zip off the tack welds that hold the hex screws into the end of the mufflers. You stated how big the hole was, but whats the shape of the hole, and how many per baffle? The story is very different for my mother (arthritic fingers) and myself (tennis elbow).We've had to stop feeding our cat Whiskas for this very reason. The riveting operation which attaches the ring-pull to a can lid is very demanding on the material and ring-pulls rely on can lids tearing off easily along a score line on their outer surface.

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This thing is quicker 60-100 than my RC51 track bike in top gear roll ons. Originally posted by [email protected] June 2003, AM All right guys, here's how its done. Using a Dremel or drill with a small 5/8-3/4" cutting wheel, zip off the tack welds that hold the hex screws into the end of the mufflers. When you say cut completely around the pea shooter how wide of a cut you are talking about?

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