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Individual-level service utilisation data were collected monthly and indicators of interest were analysed over time to illustrate trends in enrolment, programme coverage and service utilisation among sex workers in Mombasa County.Results Over the monitoring period, outreach programme enrolment occurred rapidly; condom distribution targets were met consistently; rates of STI screening remained high and diagnoses declined; and reporting of and response to violent incidents increased.

Conclusion Lessons learnt from operationalising the Programme Science framework through the Mombasa LS can inform the development and implementation of similar LS in different geographical and epidemiological contexts.

Funeral processions line the streets every weekend. So even with their new vocational skills, the girls were still unemployed and relying upon men for income. KMET has purchased a building in the Nyalenda slum and stocked it with the equipment needed to run tailoring, hairdressing and catering businesses. Will high school drop outs be able to run their own businesses?

When Sisterhood for Change began, KMET expected that upon graduation, the girls would immediately get jobs in local communities. KMET will train the girls in business and entrepreneurship, and then they will be free to work in the , and the girls usually yawned in indifference.

HIV incidence and prevalence is highest among members of key populations who are considered to be disproportionately vulnerable to infection.2 In Kenya, key populations contribute an estimated 30% of new HIV infections annually, with female sex workers contributing approximately 14% and men who have sex with men—including male sex workers—contributing another 15% in 2014.3 Geographical heterogeneity in HIV incidence and prevalence also exists across the country;1 3 4 Mombasa County has the seventh highest HIV prevalence in Kenya, estimated to be 7.5% in 2015.1In 2013, Kenya’s National AIDS and STI Control Programme (NASCOP) established a Learning Site (LS) in two subcounties of Mombasa County.5 The LS aimed to support and strengthen capacity for HIV and other STI prevention and care programming in non-governmental and community-based organisations (CBOs) working with sex workers.

A technical support unit set up by the University of Manitoba’s Centre for Global Public Health provided support to NASCOP, while implementation occurred in partnership with the International Centre for Reproductive Health Kenya and several Mombasa-based, sex worker-led CBOs.

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