Reasons for backdating income support Chathurika nude album

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Reasons for backdating income support

Long before the ruling elites tried to get rich, running the G7 nations, the real pests were the Virus Empire and the Bacterial Kingdom.These two conglomeration of single celled party poopers have a long and stellar history of out-evolving all other life forms. One of the main functions of any civilization that wishes to exist for very long is to deal with the Virus Empire and the Bacterial Kingdom and to keep them either at bay or under control.One very bad problem we have, concerning healthcare, is differentiating between what is for the public good and what is private. Anyone who thinks he is an island, should move to one and not leave it.The rest of us live in the middle of an ocean of humanity, all of us are interconnected in a wide variety of ways.We take for granted the idea that we know that germs cause diseases. It wasn’t even an American that found out about germs, it was a Frenchman.And this revelation occurred at about the same time my godmother, who died at 105 years in 1964, was born!Anytime a government loses control of these two dire bio armies, chaos and death ensue.Out of curiosity, since I dislike simply assuming anything, here is a useful timeline about US public healthcare: First off, Congress wanted everything to be state’s rights issues.

So they stop halfway and the disease surges back, often, mutating while doing this.That dread disease is now spreading and it is resistant to modern medicines.Draconian measures must be taken but aren’t being taken, to stop this menace. This, too, has evolved to the point, it no longer is stopped by modern medicines.Public health versus private health: understanding the differences can be literally life and death for a society or civilization.The US has been slowly bankrupting itself providing exotic healthcare for all sorts of personal things including annoying sexual performance problems in the gnome community (viagra! The US under serves public healthcare while overspending on private healthcare and this is putting us at a severe disadvantage in trade as well as driving our government off the cliff (of course, our many wars are also at fault here).

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