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gets placed into View Model classes, and all visual widgets/controls get placed into XAML views.

Typically we would have one View per View Model, but that’s not a requirement at all (more like a generalized observation), and in fact there are some situations where we might want to have multiple Views for the same View Model (or break a complex View Model into multiple parts while still connecting to a single View).

there are many frameworks and examples out there, but I’ve not yet seen anyone else using this exact technique before…

If you are building app UIs using XAML, then you are more likely than not also using the MVVM design pattern.

The general idea is that your code which handles application logic, business rules, etc.

In Observable Object, I have provided a function named Set Property Value() that performs all of these steps.

It returns a boolean (indicating whether the value was actually modified), but you will almost never care about that.

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The real problem here is that the code which describes the between our various properties is scattered throughout the class.

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