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The dating game theme mp3

And so that’s going to lead to more money, which would then make you more attractive on a website.The other thing is looks matter a lot, but it turns out that weight doesn’t matter that much independent of looks.So when I was on the online dating market recently, you know, I’m much older than you are, and from a rational economic perspective, I should be less picky than you. I should be settling, settling is an important idea, it’s a very important idea to economists because of what we call search theory suggests that at some point you should realize that having what you have is better than expending more resources to try to do better. It’s a very big website, there are lots of men and women on it.And that’s more true when you’re my age, I’m 50 now, than when you’re your age, which is 28. So by putting yourself on this website, you’re going to have lots of choice, and a lot of people are going to have the opportunity to see you and consider you as an option. VOGT: Can I ask you a question…Or I can save it if it’s like a derailing question. VOGT: So my friends and I talk about this all the time.My female friends and my male friends all feel that this is true, like that men in New York and in cities where my friends live, everyone can actually feel these market forces and we talk about them. And I often imagine that I wish that I were from…I always think of the suburb that I’m from where most of the people are not like me like cultural attitudes or whatever.And I think I’d be so much happier being there where I had almost no choice and where I would meet one person where it seemed like, like I could be happy with them. DUBNER: Now, it’s easy to get lost in the details of online dating and fail to appreciate what it represents — which is a new and, theoretically, improved way for one person to take a look around at the 7 billion other people on the planet and try to pick the right one.And, more important, he realized, dating could be much improved if only everybody approached it like an economist would. OYER: Now, more education, it turns out, doesn’t have much of a direct effect.Now, of course he would say that – he is an economist. So if you have more education on a dating site, you won’t get more attention on average, however, you will indirectly.

Well, he recently re-entered the dating world himself, after a 20-year absence, and when he signed up for some online dating sites, he found that the dating market very much resembled the labor markets he’s used to studying.Transcript: Alli REED: I had been personally on OKCupid on and off for a few years… REED: I actually, believe it or not, did not want to meet any of these men in real life. Alli Reed wrote a fake OKCupid profile for a really good-looking 25-year-old woman who also happened to be a racist, gold-digging, fake-pregnant-getting nightmare – and she got almost 1,000 replies. OYER: Just to give you one statistic that comes from the OKCupid blog, and I’m quoting here, “A hot woman receives roughly four times the messages an average-looking woman gets and 25 times as many as an ugly one.” And then there’s this interesting superstar effect where the very hottest 5 percent of men get twice as many emails as men who are just below that, who are more like the 10th percentile, amount the 10th percentile most attractive, but not among the very top 5 percent. I had the profile up for two or three weeks, and she got close to 1000 men message her.Recently I’ve been learning to not jam all my words together in a mush so that old people can hear me better on the radio. Like you feel like you’re bragging about being a Vespa guy, whatever that, and that’s not a good thing. So you’re in a good position for two other reasons, and that is the male/female differential I just mentioned is going to swing much more in your favor over the next 10 years.So you’re under no pressure to hook up for a long-term relationship right now. The other thing is just more generally, aside from your gender, the fact that you’re 28 years old from an economist point of view means that you should be very picky. [MUSIC: Christopher Norman, “Word of Prey” (from EP3)] DUBNER: So Paul Oyer is telling PJ Vogt that PJ is in pretty good shape, dating wise.

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So she created a fake profile for a woman she called “Aaron Carter Fan” (Aaron Carter, for the uninitiated, is the younger brother of a Backstreet Boy.) Reed loaded her profile with despicable traits (see the whole list below) but used photos of a model friend. (For more, see Reed’s article “Four Things I Learned from the Worst Online Dating Profile Ever.“) Alli Reed’s fake Ok Cupid profile Then you’ll hear from Paul Oyer, a labor economist at Stanford and author of the new book Oyer hadn’t thought much about online dating until he re-entered the dating scene himself after a long absence and was struck by the parallels between the dating markets and labor markets. Vogt opened up his Ok Cupid profile to let Oyer dissect and, theoretically, improve it. OKCupid, in case you don’t know, is a dating website. REED: …got a lot of messages of, hey, you seem nice. And that was what I was trying to reflect in Aaron Carter Fan. REED: On a typical Friday night she is knocking the cups out of homeless people’s hands because she thinks it is so funny to watch them try to pick it all up. And so Aaron Carter fan is stunningly good-looking. And so tell me about following up with some of these replies.