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And as much as I wanted to give in, I wanted to at least wait until he came home first, actually semi-hoping that Becca came along too. The same person that was causing me so much jealously yesterday, was now going to give me the same type of excitement.I couldn’t stop picturing her in the other room or with her back turned as I made out with Chris or groped his cock.As corny as it sounds, it probably did hold a lot of merit.I mean after all, look what happened to my husband and me.And yes, before anyone judges, I did feel a little guilty, a part of me wanting to stop my petty little act and just be normal around him, but…seeing my boyfriend so worked up and antsy because his might be upset,…I mean come on, it’s just for a day!I had to suffer through an afternoon of jealously, my hormones more out of control than in either one of my pregnancies, so why couldn’t I let him feel the same way for a bit!I wanted to get my boyfriend worked up so that, like yesterday with his sister, he wouldn’t be able to say no!“Maybe later, your dad interrupted my workout yesterday too so I don’t want to skip today as well” “Okay” It was such a simple, one word response.

What’s that saying, communication is the key to success in a relationship; to not let small things fester.

I suddenly got the image of one day video chatting her while Jessie sucked Chris’ cock next to me, smirking devilishly into the camera!

But when I did read the message, it surprised me, and not in a bad way!

I’ll definitely be making it up to him later, whether it’d be tonight or tomorrow! ” “About to do my yoga workout” I answered blandly, hiding how excited I was for each one of his answers. ; )” he texted, trying to turn the conversation into our normal flirty type.

I knew it was his way of trying to gauge my reaction, see if I really was upset with him or not.

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