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No matter what an ex-partner’s role may be and how much he or she may or may not help out and share in everything, it doesn’t matter.

This experience has shaped this woman to be as real as real can be.

Do not count her out because she isn’t “single single.” 3. Who doesn’t want to pick a winner as a potential girlfriend/partner?

So before you go dismissing that single mom you just met as unworthy of your time or that single mom you know as not good enough for your oh-so-eligible bachelor—think again.

Awesome, kind, intelligent young woman meets intelligent, charming young man. She uses her stellar personality to win him over in conversation, and he gently places his hand on her shoulder when he laughs at her incredible wit. No matter how the single mom came to be—divorce; young pregnancy (oops!

I apologize.) Later she and her coworkers are engaged in heated banter about setting up said young man with someone—someone single . She’s awesome—so I guess if that is not said guy’s “type,” well then, yes, please move along; however, to all of you who view my friend’s son as a liability in the dating world, here are three reasons why single mothers make awesome first choices as girlfriends/potential mates: 1. No offense to you young single ladies out there, but single moms don’t have a choice but to keep things real.

—but if you think you may be interested, give this girl a chance. She’s a badass multitasker and jack-of-all-trades because life has called on her to be so, and she steps up to the plate . Being responsible for the well-being of another little human changes the way many see the world and live in it. And then, she gets up after probably way too little sleep and wins again.

She doesn’t have time for games unless they are played with her kiddo.

She doesn’t want to waste your time or have you waste hers.

Because if awesome ain’t your type, then you best keep on walkin’.

—I miss the old days—and I know I’m not the only one. We haven’t yet been introduced to the darkness that inevitably catches us off guard.

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